Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Let’s Prosecute The Thieves Of The Tsunami

Talifaitasi W. Satele

I’ve always been disturbed by the attitudes of government officials who pick on private citizens, businesses and non-profit organizations. They fancy their persecutions as courageous acts of bravery, fighting against invincible villains from whom the public have no protection. What a joke!

Take for example the Attorney General Office’s pledge to prosecute violators of Governor Togiola’s price-gouging law. Is it so courageous to threaten people whose licenses (their very means of living) you can revoke if they don’t do as you say? If the AG’s Office had some real balls, they’d focus 100% of their efforts and resources into prosecuting the real gougers of the tsunami’s aftermath: the thieves who ransacked people’s and businesses’ property in our greatest hour of vulnerability.

That would take real courage right there. Instead of doing what government is supposed to be doing (which is protecting our lives and property), what is the ASG doing now? Picking a fight with the Pago Pago Yacht Club. What cowards.

You know, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned growing up back home is that thugs only respect other thugs. They only pick on people they don’t expect to push back. That’s why the thieves of the tsunami will get away with their crimes while innocent people who live at the mercy of the ASG will continue to suffer under the thumbs of bullies.


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