Saturday, January 07, 2006

Blue Sky: the Sacrificial Lamb

I admit that my last letter (BYE BYE BLUE SKY) was overtly sarcastic, but everyone concerned should rest assured that the target of my sarcasm was not Blue Sky Corporation but the ASG. Thanks to Nancy (MISSED THE POINT) for helping to clarify, but I think it’s necessary to state more directly the essence of my last letter.

The $10 million LBJ loan puts Blue Sky at precarious odds with public sentiment. Public employees’ retirement checks are at stake. In the minds of many people, Blue Sky is not only an “enemy” of ASTCA, but also of LBJ and retirees. And all Blue Sky wants to do is make an honest buck servicing telecommunication consumers.

Government intervention, elaborate schemes and their plotters have gone too far this time around.

ASTCA has to beat $10 million plus 8% interest out of Blue Sky. ASTCA can do so in one of two ways: the moral way or the immoral way.

First, the moral way: Through its own efforts, ingenuity, creativity, productivity, efficiency and reliability lower its own costs and provide superior customer service, cooler products and lower prices.

The immoral way: Whine for federal and local funds and taxes to pay for their costs, borrow tax money from other government programs, use tax money to advertise, and/or lobby the ASG to do something about Blue Sky Corporation.

And the ASG has options: price controls, quotas, and meaningless regulations and licensing requirements. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re sharpening their pens right this moment. I’m afraid ASTCA will settle for immorality.

My sincere hope is that Blue Sky Corporation continues to do what it does best. I hope they feel no qualms about lowering their prices or providing cooler cell phones or better customer service than ASTCA. I hope they maximize profits so that others would want to compete as well.

My sincere hope is that this whole redistribution scheme blows up in the government’s face. The ASG could have found money for LBJ by selling its government-owned boat (MV Sili for $4 million), selling the Governor’s airplane (Sega’ula for $500,000), not donating our $200,000 for Katrina relief efforts, selling its shares in the Rainmaker Hotel, recalling all its questionable DBAS loans, selling the jungle of a golf course, privatizing all public parks, and resisting increases in Fono allowances.

Instead of making its own sacrifices, the ASG decided to sacrifice Blue Sky.