Monday, November 03, 2008

Let's Just Ban Life

Talifaitasi Satele

Did you know that there were 21,634 alcohol-induced deaths in the U.S. in 2005? Also in 2005, there were 27,472 vehicle fatalities in the country. If you like to swim, keep in mind that 3,582 people died in 2005 alone from swimming. And don’t play with fireworks, 11 people died from such dangerous products in 2006.

Actually, if you’re alive and reading this, you have a 100% chance of dying one day. With a statistic like that, the Fono should ban people from even living at all.

Monday’s letter to the editor by an anonymous writer, titled "Secondhand Smoke is Lethal” refers to a 1993 EPA report that declared environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) a dangerous carcinogen.

Robert Levy of the Cato Institute writes that in July of 1998, “federal judge William L. Osteen lambasted the EPA for ‘cherry picking’ the data, excluding studies that ‘demonstrated no association between ETS and cancer,’ and withholding ‘significant portions of its findings and reasoning in striving to confirm its a priori hypothesis.

Both ‘the record and EPA’s explanation,’ concluded the court, ‘make it clear that using standard methodology, EPA could not produce statistically significant results.’

Despite Mr. Levy’s findings, I’m not debating the dangers of second-hand smoking. I’m defending our individual right to engage in such a risk. In my opinion, life is just not worth living if there were no risks to take at all.

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