Monday, July 04, 2005

Celebrating One's Independence Day

Today, on July 4, 2005, many will be celebrating the birth of a country. Today, I ask that you celebrate the birth of the recognition and protection of the individual. Countries come and go, empires rise and fall, but on July 4, 1776, our forefathers enshrined individual rights in the Declaration of Independence. On July 4, 1776, government was instituted among Men, not above Men.

Tonight, pop off a firework in honor of yourself. If anyone asks why you are so self-serving, just say, “I ask not what my country can do for me, but I ask what I can do to take care of myself and my love ones so that the rest of country doesn’t have to.” Now that’s real independence.

Go out and enjoy it, celebrate it, be unashamed of it and fight to protect it.

Happy Birthday good old U.S. of A.


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