Friday, October 28, 2011

The Great Leader Who Could Have Been

The most sincere compliment conservatives can offer President Obama is this: he is a great guy, but his policies stink. That’s really unfortunate because the president is indeed a great guy. He is smart, articulate and charming, and as the nation’s first black president, a majority of Americans have had high hopes for this historic presidency.
But his pioneering of the political frontier was not accompanied with an equally inspirational message. President Obama recently took a look back to Reagan after the “thumping” he and his party received in the 2010 midterm elections. For Obama, Reagan’s comeback after his own “thumping” after the 1982 elections was more about strategy and tactics rather than the essence of the former president’s message.
Nothing could be further from the truth. While Reagan was indeed a great communicator, it was his message of freedom that animated his spirit of governance and served as inspiration for millions of Americans and peoples around the world. President Reagan defined tyranny at home and aboard in every speech, and offered reason and hope for every man to achieve freedom for themselves and their posterity.
Obama lacks a similar inspirational message. Americans are so abhorrent to the tenets of big government liberalism that the president can’t get passed the mask he has to masquerade in. Instead, his speeches are limited to class warfare and name-calling, evoking envy as liberals often do when they fail to make their case to the American people.
If Obama were to define the great liberal project of our time, he would have to get into the details of individual and industry mandates, price caps, minimum benefit levels, and this mandatory regulation and the other to make the whole system work. When an American asks the question “why”, what other answer could the president give than “It’s for your own good”.
Not the stuff great presidents are made. Not the kind of message Americans are looking for.


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