Monday, August 17, 2009

Standing With Senator Velega

Talifaitasi W. Satele

What an honor it must have been to stand up as one of the two shepherds who tried their best to protect their flock from a chamber full of wolves. It is not easy to do what is right, especially when the rest of your peers take the easy way out. Yet there he was standing alone; a situation in which righteous men often find themselves.

But I would like the Senator to know that he is not alone in voting “no” to the $200K bill to fund the Heritage Week in Hawaii. He has a whole island of constituents in his corner as they too have never consented to that expenditure— since none of their representatives or senators voted to approve the bill before the money got spent.

The Senator should remind his colleagues that the Constitution serves a contract between the People and the Government. Government derives its powers from the People through the terms outlined in the Constitution. For Government not to discharge its duties in accordance with the terms of the Constitution constitutes a breach of its contract with the People.

If Government continues to function without regard to the Constitution, then the People are no longer its masters. Government becomes a power onto itself, and that sets a very dangerous precedent.

Legislators always talk about protecting the integrity of one of our most important institutions in our system of checks and balances. But when they had that very chance to stand up to do so, they decided it was best to remain seated.


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