Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Reject Togiola's Compromise

If the business community wants to help in creating a positive environment for all enterprises to grow, they would reject Governor Togiola's idea of a compromise on the container inspection policy. The governor plans to allow some importers "some leeway" in getting their containers inspected as long as he deems them "honest". Such a policy is an invitation for corruption and would do more to worsen an already bad business climate.

How long will it be before some businesses can buy the "honest" label? How long before the family and friends of the Togiola administration can get a pass while everyone else has to wait in line? How long will it take before local businesses get smart and use this policy against each other and foreigners? If history is anything to go by, it won't be long at all.

Even if "honest" businesses get a pass in this effort to streamline the process, Treasurer Gaea P. Failautusi would still have to conduct a random inspection to keep them honest. Since that will be the case, why won't the governor take the business community's advice and conduct random inspections instead?

Short of applying random inspections across the board, the governor has to either do 100% inspections or none at all to maintain fairness to all importers. But I think he is more concerned with breaking up the opposition than he is with doing what is right.

If that is the case, businesses would do well to reject his compromise and forgo his leniency.


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