Saturday, February 02, 2008

Minimum Wage Hearings

There is one more audience whose views need to be included into the House hearings on the minimum wage issue, and that's employees. That group is the beneficiary class or the targeted group of that legislation, and they represent a significant block of voters. There should be no doubt that that is the only reason such laws are put into place.

The question employees need to testify on and answer is if they feel this is how wages should be raised. The minimum wage law practically puts a gun to employers' heads and says, "Pay this wage level or else." Do employees feel, as I believe most honest people do, that wages are negotiable and dependent on one's level of experience, skills and education and the nature of supply and demand for the job?

All of these factors count, otherwise we'll be arguing why football players make more than Faleomavaega when most people would argue he does a vital and important job. I not being one of them of course.


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