Saturday, October 27, 2007

No Thank You

This editorial (sent as a letter to the editor of Samoa News) is in response to a letter to the Samoa News Editor by Kali Morrigan. He proposes that the ASG hire me as an Economic Consultant/Czar. This is kind of eerie as this is similar to one of the most exciting scenes in Atlas Shrugged.

There would be no use in being an Economic Consultant/Czar if we believe that the government is the answer to everything.

How could we reduce personnel costs if we believe that it’s the government’s role to be an employment agency? Or that it’s o.k. to hold onto a job that doesn’t add any value to the economy?

How could we reduce taxes if our professional politicians believe they have a higher right to what you earn than you do? How could we reduce spending if we believe we deserve to receive something for nothing?

How could we encourage ourselves to get a better job and better pay through education and by obtaining different skills when we believe it’s the government’s role to raise wages by force?

How could more of us start our own businesses when it’s o.k. for the government to compete against us using our own tax dollars?

Why should we pull in together to help those truly in need when we believe it’s the government’s role to take care of everybody and everything?

Why should we prioritize or even budget our money when we believe the government can order prices down on a whim?

Power is not wisdom; it is intellectual laziness. If you don’t like smoking on buses, for example, you can either 1) call the Governor on his weekly radio program or 2) organize a boycott, lead a protest or have the courage to ask either the bus driver/owner or the smoker to put out the cigarette. One option requires using muscle; the other requires that you use your head.

We all have to reexamine our fundamental beliefs about how freedom works, and this is the only manner I wish to consult. I sincerely thank Samoa News for providing me the space.

Thank you Kali Morrigan for your honest assessment of things.


At 4:56 PM , Blogger Stuart K. Hayashi said...

Tali (as opposed to Kali),

Are you comparing an incident in your life to a scene from Atlas Shrugged? My, my, my. Some of us have a grandiose opinion of our own lives, eh?

Then again, I see parallels between my life and Atlas Shrugged, too, so who am I to poke fun at you for this? :-P

At 6:25 PM , Blogger Talifaitasi Satele said...

Throughout Atlas Shrugged, I saw a lot of parallels between what Ayn Rand was saying in the book and real life. She got it down pretty good. It was a real page turning, and I highly recommend it.

The real eerie part was I just got finished with that scene I was referring to when I read Kali Morrigan's letter to the editor. This, of course, is far from what actually happens in the book but it was kind of wierd to say the least.

Do I compare to any of the characters in the book? Not even close, but Ayn Rand inspired me to want to. Hopefully, more people get exposed to this awesome book.

It took me from the beginning of January to last week to finish it. Talk about slow reader, yea?


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