Monday, August 20, 2007


Senator Alo designed the legislation funding pay increases for public school teachers using existing taxes and not by imposing new ones on the people. Obviously, that means they will have to divert or cut spending from one area in the ASG to support this pay raise. Finally, they are starting to learn how to prioritize.

This is hardly a significant victory for taxpayers though, because I fear our politicians still believe we work for them, that our money belongs to them and we taxpayers only get to hold on to what they permit us to keep. I believe it was Senator Alo, himself, who once complained that the ASG has not seen a new revenue source in so many years, or something along those lines, as if the ASG were entitled to it for no other reason than it hasn't imposed some new tax in such a long time.

If we believe that it should be the government who works for the people and not the other way around, then we should continue to demand that the Fono prioritizes until no waste, no over budgets, no extravagant trips around the world and no 100% increases in Fono allowances exist before they come back to the people demanding more and more.

Senator Alo deserves praise for taking a step in the right direction. I pray he continues on that course.

It's great that teachers will be getting paid more. I guess if I were running a school, I believe I would have to pay good and competent teachers more than what they're getting now lest they leave. But I hope the focus remains on the quality of the educational service to our children, and not just on how much teachers get paid.

There will be no correlation between a rise in pay and a rise in the quality of our children's education unless pay is tied to performance.


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