Sunday, July 15, 2007


That’s what the private sector tries to do. Of course, businesses can appoint family and friends to important positions within their companies, but two important conditions influence their decisions against cronyism and nepotism: profits/losses and competition.

Businesses will appoint a person based on whether or not he increases the company’s profit from a particular position, whether that person is a family member, friend or some Martian alien. The Board of Directors of many corporations don’t continue to appoint the descendants of the original owner to their CEO posts. Sometimes, even the original owner could be voted out of the top spot. Who they appoint for important positions are those who they believe will make the most money for the company. It's all about the bottom line, right liberals?

Leadership posts and even whole bureaucracies and personnel structures in the private sector could change overnight depending on the severity of a company’s financial losses.

The ASG, on the other hand, reveals deficits and losses year after year, and it continues without any change in directorships or personnel.

Government is static, unchanging and unyielding even in the face of unaccountability and losses to the people, the taxpayer. Yet in the private sector, losses shut down firms who waste, are unaccountable, and cannot adapt to the changing wants and needs of the people. Ironically, losses actually saves us, as a society, alot of money by shutting down waste and from plain stupidity by putting a stop to methods and processes that simply don't work.

The other important condition is competition. Government is just one entity while the private sector is many businesses, many talents and many great minds. Government does things one way, comes up with one plan (maybe with a B and a C), and makes one size to fit all, because it’s only one entity. The private sector is many entities with many ways, with many plans (with B’s, C’s, and D’s) and with plenty of sizes to go around.

And if one company picks the wrong person for the wrong job because of cronyism, nepotism or any reason other than profit, then watch the right people in the right jobs in other businesses beat their sorry asses in the marketplace of goods, services and ideas.

So can we bring these two very important conditions of freedom into government functions, to make government better? Well, if we’re going to do that, then we might as well not make it a government function in the first place.

Having someone who is a "God fearing" individual, like some have written to Samoa News, doesn't do us any good if that person didn't have to openly compete for the position to demonstrate that he truly is the best qualified for the job. Moreover, it doesn't matter if one is "honest" and has "integrity" if all he does is lead our government into debt.


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