Wednesday, November 08, 2006


The DOT's likely decision to rule against Togiola's executive order says a lot. It's saying that even though the federal government commands the most powerful military in the history of mankind, it cannot tell a puny company like HAL what it can or cannot charge for its property. It's a powerful testament to the greatness of America; that righteousness, not force or power, governs the free people of these United States.

People of American Samoa, we have a choice. We can continue our shameful pursuit to force HAL to lower their airfares and provide more seats or we can fight to lower prices while still upholding our freedoms by instead getting the US Congress to allow foreigners to compete with HAL.

We have wasted too much time and our limited resources following the governor's vision of price controls for the airline industry. Our own corrupt government can't hold up to private sector standards, our kids don't have the resources to get a good education and our local infrastructure is deteriorating.

We need to focus our energy and time on our own backyard first, and we must also demand that the "Land of the Free" give our airline market more freedom and choice in the form of foreign competition.


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