Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Asking Tali

Stuart K. Hayashi

In today's Honolulu newspaper, I saw an Associated Press article about the U.S. federal Government Accountability Office (GAO) ["government accountability?"; talk about oxymorons] calling for an audit of American Samoa's judicial system.

I found a similar article on that here.

When I went to Google News to find sites about this, I came across other strange news items about American Samoa.

Like this:

A bill in American Samoa says sponsors of foreigners allowed into American Samoa will have to pay a daily fine if those foreigners are found to be overstayers.

The Senate President, Lolo M. Moliga, has outlined the bill which he says should curtail and hopefully eliminate the ongoing problem of overstayers.

Tali, what's the story behind this?

Interesting that the Senate President's first name is "Lolo." You know what that means in Hawaiian, don't you?

And lots of odd news bits are coming out about the American Samoan Power Authority (ASPA) you wrote about.

Today -- Wednesday, July 26, 2006, this came out:

American Samoa’s police department has been asked to investigate allegations against John Marsh, the former acting CEO of the American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA), the government-owned utility that operates and manages electric, water, sewer system and trash collection in the territory.

The allegations against Marsh, who is also ASPA’s chief financial officer, surfaced two weeks ago when Common Cause American Samoa president, Dr. Trudie Sala, in a July 5th letter informed Gov. Togiola Tulafono that Marsh allegedly diverted more than $2,8000 worth of materials purchased with ASPA funds to his home in Aua Village.

And then this happened today as well:

The chief operations officer for the American Samoa Power Authority Fonoti Perelini Perelini has been sacked.

Fonoti has confirmed that he was handed a termination letter signed by the Chairman of the ASPA board when he arrived from Samoa yesterday.

Tali, what's going on? Could you please enlighten me and everyone else about this? This is all very esoteric news for those of us who are not from American Samoa but are neverthelss rivted to news about it thanks to your writings.

So Taligraph, what's the story?


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