Saturday, June 17, 2006


Now that the University of Hawaii has hiked high-to-the-sky fees on our children, will King Togiola demand that UH lower their new tuition rates or face a lawsuit? I doubt it because the university is an arm of the powerful State government of Hawaii. It seems that when it comes to private companies like Hawaiian Airlines, our governor shows no restraint in making dangerous threats like his recent ultimatum. But when it comes to harm done to us by higher government authorities, like the federal government’s cabotage laws and the Jones Act, our politicians’ irrational temperament that passes destructive laws like price-gouging legislation is no where to be found.


At 5:09 PM , Blogger Stuart K. Hayashi said...

Hey Mr. Tali Mon, Tali Me Banana! ;-)

This post of yours pertains not only to American Samoa, but also to the Hawaii state government.

Thus, will you be posting this essay, as well as your essays about Hawaiian Airlines, on your "Critique of Hawaii's State Government" blog as well? Those certainly relate to the political-economic issues of Hawai'i, which is yet another Oceanian paradise with a political climate greatly concerning us.


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