Sunday, March 05, 2006

How The Federal Government And ASG Is Responsible For The Tuna Canneries Departure


***DOI Deputy Secretary Cohen states that transportation costs and high minimum wage makes American Samoa uncompetitive.

***Cohen blames current economic situation on lower labor costs in other countries and free trade agreements between them and the US.

***Cohen finds no fault in minimum wage laws imposed on our territory. He makes no mention of the Jones Act and its effects on our high transportation costs.

***The ASG created a welfare dependency by using federal funds to compete with local businesses.

***Recent business casualty is the Manu'atele losing marketshare from the government owned MV Sili. The ASG now has an airplane, the Sega'ula.

Note to readers: Feel free to comment on points you like to add or to expand on the points already listed. Thank you.


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