Friday, December 02, 2005

Cease and Desist With Price Gouging Rhetoric

Senator Lolo Moliga finds no end for his price-gouging rhetoric. He constantly accuses businesses of unfairness and immorality, and he believes that some fair government action will bring some fair price to the cost of gasoline. When will this nonsense end?

His mentality, his philosophy, his reasoning about business has to be consistent. Senator Moliga would, in one breath, accuse a business charging the highest price of being a monopoly or with the intent to monopolize, a business charging the lowest price of unfair competition, and a business charging the same price as other companies of collusion.

Businesses are accused of every ill found in society whether it be high prices, low prices or the same prices.

Politicians need to grow up.

No one took the same risk gas station owners took when they first started out. As a matter of fact, if the entrepreneur failed, no one shed a tear for them. Business people take a risk most of us find too scary. If they fail, we don’t care. But if they succeed, their success all of a sudden becomes a public good.


If Senator Moliga is so self-righteous about what gas stations should charge the consumer, then Senator Moliga needs to open his own gas station. Let him charge so-called responsible prices.

People say that without government restrictions, the sky would be the limit for prices. Not true for something like bread, for we know anyone can make and sell loafs for anything below $2.

The prices for gas follow the same principles.


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