Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Promises by Politicians: An Oxymoron

Governor Togiola continues to promise that the new ASG airplane will not compete with the private sector. He seems to forget that politicians regularly break or forget (or whatever excuse they come up with) their promises. The governor has the power to make the ASG airplane compete with the other two carriers at anytime of his choosing. On top of that, will the next governor to succeed Togiola adhere to such a committment?

Note to politicians: Can't ask for trust when you don't have the track record for it.

The ASG is using tax dollars from commercial air carriers to pay for and maintain an aircraft that stands to compete with them at a moment's notice and would be used to transport government officials who would otherwise have had to buy a ticket from them.

And if prices for tickets to Manu'a go up, guess what the people are going to ask our governor to do?

Government competition with the private sector is legally and morally wrong.


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