Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Great Opportunity

The ASG has an opportunity to cut taxes and government spending at the same time with the tax exemptions sought by South Pacific Express, Samu's United General Contractors, T & T Inc., Manulele Aviation, Amerika Samoa Bank Inc., and ANZ Finance American Samoa.

If these companies should avoid the yoke of the Tax Office, then it is only fair to the rest of us that these companies and their employees not benefit from the LBJ, public schools and other government services. Have them pay for medical insurance, their own education and other services to offset the reduction in revenues resulting from any tax exemption.

Of course, the ASG should not compromise on taxation for police and court services. Nevertheless, the taxes these companies pay in other areas of the economy more than covers their share of burden for the cost of the police and courts. The police and courts are now a small part of the big government picture.

The more these companies provide for their own, the less the ASG should be taking from them. If these businesses provide for their own security services then the ASG should give them tax credits for doing so. Other ideas include giving the airlines responsibility for the maintenance of airports with the ASG only playing a supervisory role. Prices for travel tickets would reflect the maintenance costs. Since consumers would then pay for the costs of airport maintenance, they too should be able to get tax credits from a government no longer paying the bills.

The ASG should use these companies to expand our industries and expound upon the possibilities by making them directly pay for the things we usually depend on government to provide, granted they receive tax exemptions.

This is a great opportunity to take a small step away from dependency. Less reliance on the local government will translate into less dependence on federal largess.


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