Friday, March 18, 2005

Limit Government You Limit Corruption

The people of American Samoa demand accountability in the ASG. Many of us feel that the FBI and even a federal court are necessary to achieve accountability. We should give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and allow the federal government to enforce accountability over its grants to American Samoa. Yet, I am baffled that our Congressman would approve of such federal interventions while opposing the option of reinstating the Government Comptroller. Does Faleomavaega believe we could “develop into a fully-functioning, self-governing entity” with the FBI and a Federal Court rather than a lone office of a Government Comptroller?

The problem with our government is not corrupt people. The problem is giving corrupt people the power to be corrupt. Let us take bingo and immigration as examples. Certain Senators want to curb these so-called problems. Once they have placed these areas in their realm of rules and regulation, the people who will get exemptions from these rules are those who placed them there in the first place along with their families, their churches, their villages and their friends. The way to get rid of corruption is to get rid of the power that allows it to happen, and we don’t need the FBI or a Federal Court to make that happen. Do not allow the ASG to outlaw bingo, outlaw immigration, regulate free speech and subsidize businesses (e.g. the Rainmaker) with the people’s money, and then we will have for ourselves a fully functioning entity.

In addition, if we could change government from a tax-coercing monster to a fee-based customer server, we will take huge steps in a more independent direction. It is only in government where users are treated like parasites that waste the government’s precious resources and are discouraged from coming back for more. A profit seeking institution would never turn down more customers, but would instead innovate and lower its costs to meet consumer demand in an openly competitive free market. Economic fact. Our officials need to become leaders and privatize education and the LBJ.

We are fast moving down the road where our artificial standard of living will erode in face of trillions of dollars of U.S. national debt and a nearly depleted fishing stock. If the rejection of section 936 does not chase the tuna industry away, the rising cost of fish will. When that happens, AG Togafau will not have to worry about rounding up “illegal immigrants.” They, along with many Samoans, will voluntarily leave on their own, and the ASG will long for the return of present days when people wanted to come to American Samoa instead of trying to leave it as quickly as possible.


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