Monday, January 31, 2005

How much more do you want, ASG?

The ASG is at it again. Samoa News reported this today:

ASG agreed with GAO's finding of local government lacking "adequately trained medical, educational, accounting and other professionals" and GAO's reasoning that this "is one of the main causes for deficiencies in the programs and inadequate service delivery" in the American Samoa.

The ASG further claims in the article “that the only way to correct the deficiencies it faces ’is additional funding.’”

I hear someone in the distance coughing, “Bullshit.”

What is the logic in sending more money to a government that cannot keep track of where it goes?

What makes the ASG think that current federal funding would not suffice if the monies went to what they were meant for instead of into politicians’ and their friends’ pockets?

The General Accounting Office (GAO) stated the following in their report:

A shortage of adequately trained professionals, such as accountants and teachers, as well as inadequate facilities and limited local funds hampered service delivery or slowed project completion for many of the grants.

This in no way implies that limited funds are responsible for American Samoa’s severe lack of accountability. In this regard, the GAO stated this in its report:

American Samoa’s failure to complete single audits, federal agencies’ slow reactions to this failure, and instances of theft and fraud limited accountability for the 12 grants to American Samoa.

The ASG needs to keep account of what it’s getting and where those funds are going before crying to mother for more money.


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